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Contract Services

Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops
Looking to develop sodium cromoglycate eye drops in 5,10 and 15ml multidose plastic bottle. Looking to market the product in UK and USA.
GxP audits-Key Starting Materials qualification-Regulatory services
GxP audits (GMP,GDP, GLP, GCP,etc.), facility feasibility audits, GAP analysis audits, supply security audits,computer system validations and CVS audits, GxP training
Regulatory affairs, CEP Application, registration services in EU and MENA, Technical transfers
Dossier comiplation, dossier review, dossier submission, registration services in EU and MENA, Pharmacovigilance, product development, tech transfers and scale-ups, facility design and upgrading
GDP certification

Popular Sale
GCP Certification of any facility (port, airport, railway station, truck/ vessel / plane transport company, warehouse, transportation means, etc.)
Pharmaceutical Dossier Documents service
Please contact me.  if you need pharmaceutical Registration dossier and documents service
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