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N KAMALAKAR RAO M.Pharm.                                      raonk5@gmail.com                

Contact No. +91 9502592310

Generic Pharmaceutical Formulations Development & Scale up Consultant with end to end Development and Scale up solutions from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Please contact me for the tentative formula and brief process for the Pharmaceutical Oral Solid, Oral Liquid, Injectable, Ophthalmic and External Preparations for Human and Veterinary category. Please note that not Dietary/Nutritional supplements.

Based on my 30 years ociation with Pharmaceutical Industry I can share the Tentative Formula and Brief Process with sound Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology knowledge obtained from USFDA/UKMHRA/Orange book of patents/Non Orange book of patents etc.

Based on the specific formulation this Tentative Formula and Brief Process can be discussed to match the existing facilities available in your organisation.

Above information is more critical for the initiation of product development and its strategy and procurement of Actives and Inactive excipients.

Hence may I request all generic formulation manufacturers for various markets like, Indian, Asian, African, CIS, US, Europe to support me in the above area for mutual benefit and of course for exploring consulting opportunities more focused area.

Hope that it is not so costly for the Generic Formulations Manufacturing players if I charge an initial fee of $150 to USD $200 per product specific Formula and Brief Process which we call as Tentative Formula and Process which will proved Label claim, Actives and Excipients input along with function of Excipient proposed with their standards and special requirements if any along with standard unit formula and standard formula of 100,000 dosage units for Solid Orals, 1000 L for Liquid Orals, 500kg for External Preparations and 500 L for Parenteral and Ophthalmic formulations.

I am thankful in advance for all viewing post and responding for the same via like and providing me consulting opportunities.

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