1 Licensing opportunities
Wuxi Griffin Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. is interested in licensing pharmaceutical products in all therapy areas. We are looking for pharmaceutical products that have never been sold on the Chinese market before and that are ready for commercialisation.
Seeking Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility in EU
 Company portfolio: Manufacturing over 100 products and +150 brands, catering to domestic and international markets. The formulations include Oral Liquid, Cephalosporin (Tablets, Capsule, Sachets and Dry Syrup), Cephalosporin (Dry powder injection), Small volume parenteral (Vials and Ampoules) and Lyophilized powder in vials. A cash-rich National Stock Exchange (NSE, Mumbai-India) listed organization from India, having strong entrepreneurship...
Pharmaceutical Dossier Documents service
Please contact me.  if you need pharmaceutical Registration dossier and documents service
200 Formulation Dossiers
Farmavita.Net members, from India,  are offering  license-out  of formulation documentation for more than two hundred (200)  pharmaceutical products. Each CTDossier is available for lump sum payment, without supply obligation. This Dossiers does not include  clincal studies.   Click Here to download the complete list of available formulations, with example of Dossier Table of Contents, for one product.  It is expected that buyer of...

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