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High-speed immune detection apparatus



Substance with high affinity for large antigen molecules

yet2_logo.gifA company seeks a process of making high-affinity antibodies (or other substances) that can bind rapidly to antigens of large molecular sizes, such as proteins. Their aim is to develop a high-speed immune detection apparatus. 

Antibodies are used extensively in diagnostics and as therapeutic agents. Achieving high-affinity binding is important for expanding detection limits and achieving diagnostics in short amounts of time. This need is for a highly sensitive, high-affinity antibody or process of designing and making a substance that works as well as antibodies in having a high affinity to a given analyte, and a high speed of binding. Antibody affinity to the immune body should be at least 1013M-1. It is important to clarify the methodology that maintains a certain probability of high-affinity antibody production. The methodology must be reliable and repeatable. This technology seeker is not interested in high-affinity antibody technologies for small molecules, but rather for large molecules such as proteins. Haptens are not in the scope of this need.


- Antibody affinity to the immune body should be at least 1013M-1.

- A key issue is how quickly this methodology can determine/calculate the appropriate antibody design for a specific antigen.

- There is no strict requirement on the stage of development if the technology is relevant to high-affinity antibody generation and high speed immune detection system

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