Phytochemical screening of the ethanolic extracts of Zizyphus xylopyrus (Retz.)Willd.

To evaluate the presence of phytoconstitute of ethanolic fractions of Zizyphus xylopyrus on anti- ulcer activity. Root powder of the plant was extracted successively with ethanol; Extract had pungent odour, showed the presence of desired phytochemicals i.e. flavonoids, tannin, phenol. Qualitative chemical tests were carried out for the ethanolic extract of Z. xylopyrus. The results of the tests showed the presence of carbohydrates, reducing sugars, saponins, phenolics, tannins, and flavonoids. On the basis of all the qualitative tests performed in each extracts; ethanolic extract was subjected for the further phytochemical and pharmacological studies because only the ethanolic extracts and saponins.

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Investigation of Anti-Microbial Activity of Leaf and Unripe Peel of Musa Paradisica Linn.

The present study was designated to investigate the anti-microbial activities of alcoholic and aqueous extract from leaves and unripe peel of Musa paradisica Linn. using the paper disc diffusion method. All the extract showed considerable activity against all the four tested strains viz., Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Escherichia coli, Candida albican and Candida non-albican. Leaves extract showed more activity than unripe peel extracts and it was comparable to the standard drug.

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Current Scenario of Pharmaceutical Industries in India

Pharmaceutical industries viz., Ranbaxy, Cipla, Nicolos, Zydus, Intas etc. are very well establish now-a-days and producing a large variety of medicine useful in the treatment of various diseases. It is now high-end development that is being carried out by leading companies whereas other small companies are finding themselves competing against, or working with, new innovation-based companies to establish themselves in the market in concern to increase their productivity and finally sale. The present study was focuses on the current scenario of various pharmaceutical industries.

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Polymers for Drug Delivery System: A Review

Pharmaceutical invention and research are now increasingly focusing on delivery systems which enhance desirable therapeutic objectives while minimizing side effects. Drug delivery systems, ranging from implantable electronic devices to single polymer chains, are required to be compatible with processes in the body (biocompatibility) as well as with the drug to be delivered. DDS alter the bio-distribution and pharmacokinetics of the associated drug: that is the time-dependent percentage of the administered dose in the different organs of the body. There are various natural and synthetic polymers are used in drug delivery system. The present communication focuses all these aspects with emphasizes of various polymers used in various drug delivery systems.

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Case Study Among Two Drugs of PPI’S in Treatment of Peptic Ulcer in Selected Doctor Cabins and Hospitals of Ujjain city, M.P.

Peptic ulcer is a very common disease associated with almost in all ages due to several factors. The present work was conceived to correlate the efficacy of two major drugs (Omeprazole & Rabeprazole) of PPS’s in 5 Doctors cabins and 10 hospitals of selected area of Ujjain city.  Results of case study for a period indicates, total of 86 patient recorded with ulcer, out of which 21 (24.41%) are female and 65 (75.58%) are male patients. Further results shows, treatment of PU by Omeprazole are 38.09 % (8 female patients) & 24.61% (13 male patients) whereas Rabeprazole is 61.90% (13 female patients) & 75.58% (65 male patients). The use of Rabeprazole in both the sex is much higher than the Omeprazole, it may be because of faster acid suppression and Gastric mucin synthesis, whereas, the male patient are higher than females patient is due to high intake of alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco. Thus, all these finding are mentioned in present communications.

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A Comprehensive Review on Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System

Nanoparticles (NP) are defined as particles with a diameter smaller than 100 nm, are increasingly used in different applications, including drug carrier systems and to pass organ barriers such as the blood-brain barrier. Because of their unique properties Nanocrystals (quantum dots) and other nanoparticles (gold colloids, nanobars, dendrimers and nanoshells) have been receiving a lot of attention for potential use in Therapeutics, Bioengineering and therapeutics drug discovery.

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