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Feb 01st
Innovative Medicine Demand
Innovative Arthritis Medicine


Demand: Innovative Arthritis Medicine

Farmavita.Net member is developing innovative concept for glogal branding and distribution of remedies and devices for therapy of arthritis. 

Company is looking to joint-venture, collaborative development or in-licensing of  non-prescrition products, on exclusive basis. 

For more details please contact Farmavita.Net. 

Innovative Medicines Offer
Technology Platform for Controlled and Site Specific Release of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

marigold_by_schroppyo.jpgFarmavita.Net member has developed technology which enables development of oral dosage forms with  controlled and site specific release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Patent pending application.

Company is looking for following types of cooperation:
- Out-licensing
- Joint-venture and private equity partners
- Collaborative product development
- Consulting or contract research contracts

Generic Medicine Demand
Felodipine Extended Release Tablets Member of  Farmavita.Net from EU is looking to in-license Felodipine 5 and 10 mg Extended Release Tablets
Dossier should be already authorized in European Union
They are looking for duplicate Dossier authorization in Cyprus. 
Generic Medicines - Offer
Pregabalin We offer for outlicensing European e-CTD format of Pregabalin caps (whole strength range). Dossier is ready and has been approved/registered in several EU countries. Preferred model is of business cooperation is License Fee + Supply with finished product.
OTC / Nutraceutical Demand
DL-Aspirin + Glycine

We would like to express our interest in acquiring CTD Europeen format for DL-Aspirin+Glycine (90%/10%) oral soluble form with supply of the sam. 

Please post your offer at below comment form. 

API/Technology Demand
Seeking: Fermentation technology of Pristinamycin


An Asia based international company is looking for technologies in the following field:

Type of Tech Request: Licensing

Desired outcome:

Pristinamycin (CAS No:270076-60-3) is an antibiotic used primarily in the treatment of staphylococcal infections, and to a lesser extent streptococcal infections. We’re looking for a technology of Pristinamycin based on fermentation. Both of the strain and the process are included.

The technology should have over 5000u/ml fermentation titre and other competitive parameters, and not infringe on other patents and intellectual property right. It is better that it can be directly used for APIs industrial production.
Open Innovation
Open Source BioPharma Systems

Open source systems lure drug developers

apple2.jpgThe gradual spread of software automation in drug development may be getting a boost from open source systems. Most e-clinical systems today--from data capture and storage to trial management and operations--are proprietary, despite the excellent work that solutions providers have done to make their products compatible with existing standards-based and de facto standard industry systems.

Life Science Article
Analgesic Activity of Murdannia nudiflora (L) Brenan


Phytochemical Standardization and Analgesic Activity of Murdannia nudiflora (L) Brenan

Our present communication deals with physicochemical parameters, preliminary phytochemical studies and pharmacological impact of Murdannia nudiflora (L) Brenan as analgesic plant which is used in folklore uses of Assam. No reports are available on standardization parameters hence, the present attempt was undertaken to investigate the standardization parameters to establish its authenticity. The study revealed the presence of wide range of phytoconstituents. The determination of these characters will aid future investigators in their Pharmacological analysis of this species. 

The whole 8 pages article is available for download at Downloads section of Farmavita.Net. 
Pharma Commercial Excellence MENA Congress

Pharma Commercial Excellence MENA Congress

16-19 Feb 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pharmaceutical industry in the MENA region continues to show impressive growth numbers. From a pharmaceutical market perspective, a recent IMS report has estimated that the Middle East Pharmaceutical market is expected to grow from $16bln in 2013 to $26bln in 2017. This 12-14% growth rate is amongst the highest in the world.  

Market Report
Renal Cell Cancer datamonitor_logo.gif



Pipeline: Renal Cell Cancer

Seven targeted therapies are available for the treatment of RCC but there is still considerable pipeline activity. Currently approved targeted therapies have been unable to produce durable responses in RCC patients and only delay progression. As a consequence, effective treatment options capable of sustaining responses in RCC are still required. 

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