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Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders using kynureic acid



Kynurenic Acid

Our candidate, based on the Kynurenic Acid research, is a molecule with highly protective effects in the gastrointestinal system. The substance is an analogue of the naturally occurring substance(kynurenic acid) with highly protective effects in the gastrointestinal system. The target of the molecule is mainly excitatory receptors. It may also have some influence on MS. In vivo and in vitro tests were performed on male wistarrats, mice and actually on dogs.

Already performed and published studies:

-Neuroprotectiveeffect of L-kynurenine sulfate administered before focal cerebral ischemia inmice and global cerebral ischemia in gerbils

-Kynurenic acidinhibits intestinal hypermotility and xanthine oxidase activity duringexperimental colon obstruction in dogs

Our results demonstrate an important role for glutamate receptors in the pathophysiology ofacute colon obstr uction-induced motility changes. These findings reveal thatKynA not only significantly inhibits the contraction of the GMCs in the colon,but also exerts a protective, anti-inflammatory effect due to the inhibition ofXOR-derived oxygen radical production and leucocyte activation. It remains tobe established whether the findings in this experimental model are applicableto humans. However, together with previous observations, these data stronglysuggest that suppression of the hypermotility function of the NMDA receptorsmight be beneficial in serving as a supplementary tool with which to influencethe excitotoxicity complications in the intestine.

Main advantages:

-The molecule has highlyprotective effects in the gastrointestinal system

-The substance is an analogueof the naturally occurring substance (kynurenic acid)-The target of themolecule is mainly excitatory receptors

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