Wearable Injectors and Connected Devices Conference 2019

9th-10th of October 2019, Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, UK

The global wearable devices market size is expected to reach a value of $12.1 billion USD by 2021 with time dependent delivery, large volume administration with minimal injection pain and the use of connectivity to enhance user-value being key factors driving the market.

With this in mind, the conference will explore new technologies and advances of on-body devices for the administration of viscous and large molecule drug delivery, and evaluate the impact of IoT, connectivity and enhancement of user-interface, which make up core components within the wearable devices field.

• LISTEN to case studies from leading pharmaceutical companies revolutionising the medical device industry
• HEAR how on-body injectors are facilitating the administration of time-dependent, large volume and viscous drug delivery
• ASSESS how connectivity is being used to improve patient adherence, health-monitoring and enhancing the user-interface
• EXPLORE the compatibility, pain and patient handling considerations projecting wearable devices as the future of drug delivery


Tuesday 8th October 2019
Cross company collaboration to develop digital therapeutic solutions using connected devices
Workshop Leader: Digby Harris, Global Category Manager – Digital Therapeutics & Devices, AstraZeneca
Wearable injectors: Envisioning their evolution to address current and future unmet needs
Workshop Leader: James Blakemore, Senior Consultant, Cambridge Consultants
Workshop Leader: Sergio Marlorni, Senior Consultant, Cambridge Consultants
Executives, Directors, VPs, Heads, Principals, Managers of: Drug-delivery developers, Autoinjectors, Device Engineering, Human Factor, Scientist, Product, Injectables, Packaging, Regulatory Affairs, Connectivity, Medical Device Data, Novel Product Technology, Smart device developers, Training device developers, Device-safety solution providers, Drug developers or anyone who works with Wearable Devices/ On-Body Injectors within pharmaceutical, biotech and solution providers.

For more details visit: www.wearable-injectors.co.uk/farmavitawl

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