Digital Pharma Advances Conference

30th January 2019, London, UK

Hot competition within the digital pharma market demands a fresh approach to your multi-channel marketing. How are AstraZeneca and Grünenthal making the most of their digital assets to drive company strategy and increase ROI? 

What is Teva's secret to innovating their HCP relationships with customer-centric channels and strategies? And how are Pfizer achieving a truly patient-orientated digital campaign that adds value and boosts profits?

Hear from 37 industry leaders speaking including Amazon, Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK, ABPI, Boehringer Ingelheim, UCB Biopharma, Roche, AstraZeneca, Merck, Leo Pharma and many more taking to the stage at The Digital Pharma Advances Conference - Digital Strategies Delivering Real Results on 30th January in London. Take away fresh thinking behind the latest HCP-focused, patient-centric digital strategies which engage stakeholders compliantly with new technology trends, innovative social and integrated campaigns.

37 Speakers Share Practical Advice & Techniques To Maximise Digital Marketing Successes Compliantly In Patient-Centric, HCP-Engaging Campaigns Which Leverage New Technologies & Trends For Enhanced Brand Awareness, Reputation & ROI

  1. Integrated Digital Strategies For Flawless 360° Campaigns: Capture customer attention, drive profit
  2. Influence & Engage HCPs For Long-Term Sales & Relationships: Employ compelling customer-centric content, webinars, VR and the hottest channels to win HCP attention
  3. Engage Patients, Get Customer Centric & Add Value: Stand out with exceptional, innovative patient support programmes and enhance brand reputation
  4. AI To VR, Blockchain To Robotics, Automation To Machine Learning: Real-world applications of the hottest new technology trends and innovations
  5. Transform Internal Cultures & Embed Digital Innovation: Deliver immaculate customer experiences with digitally-savvy, united internal teams
  6. Make Compliance & Legal Work In Your Favour: Win big with risk-averse, agile and appealing digital strategies and get your teams working harmoniously
  7. Drive Social Media Success: Which social platforms, activities and advertising really impact the bottom line?
  8. Sophisticated Data-Driven Customer Insights, ROI Measurement & Analytics: Revolutionise the way your company exploits tools, metrics and data for meaningful insights and results
  9. Disruptors & Innovators Inspiration! Quiz the global brands taking digital marketing to the next level

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