11th Product Selection & Pipeline Optimization for Generics Conference

12th - 13th September 2018, Philadelphia, USA

This conference will bring together key players in the Generics industry from a variety of roles to discuss and optimize product selection and business development opportunities to maintain a competitive advantage and achieve higher portfolio performance. Develop best practices in forging strategic partnerships and driving maximum ROI on product portfolio.

Furthermore, attain market exclusivity and longevity through strategic product and portfolio decision-making. Hear key practical case studies from companies such as, Appco Pharma LLC, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Amring Pharmaceuticals, Ascendia Pharmaceuticals, and many more!

Key Topics

  • Strengthen product selection framework to enhance performance in line with portfolio initiatives
  • Build strategic partnership and licensing agreements to maximize portfolio capacity and ROI
  • Design a robust product rationalization process to predict product viability and success
  • Optimize portfolio management to ensure and maintain speed to market
  • Keep pace with the fast-paced generics market to achieve a competitive advantage and market exclusivity

More details at: http://www.marcusevans-conferences-northamerican.com/marcusevans-conferences-event-details.asp?EventID=24636&SectorID=31&utm_source=FarmavitaR&utm_medium=Listing&utm_campaign=24636_FarmavitaR_listing_24636#.WyJqcu6FPIX 

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