Pharma Social Media 2018

27th June 2018, London, UK

Just how can pharmaceutical brands overcome the challenge of industry regulations to maximize the true value of social media? And what's actually delivering impressive engagement levels for GSK, Roche, Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi, Novartis and Teva?

Join 24 pharma brands including GSK, Pfizer, Merck and Novartis confirmed to speak at the 3rd annual Pharma Social Media Conference on 27th June, London. Learn to drive engagement and add value with compliant, impactful strategies!

1. Bayer and Novartis chair this impressive day and lead debate thoughout to unpick engaging, value-adding and compliant pharmaceutical social media strategies which add real impact to the HCPs, patients and the business-bottom line.

2. Teva, MSD Poland, Daiichi Sankyo and LEO Innovation Lab reveal how to maximise patient engagement, awareness and interaction with next-level strategies across all social media platforms.

3. ABPI share the regulatory code perspective on successfully innovating within strict guidelines to boost social media engagement and results

4. Roche share long-term measurement techniques to help prove the long-term impact and ROI of social media activities and win stakeholder buy-in!

5. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Turkey reveal what really works to capture HCP attention. Learn tailored strategies to influence and engage HCPs with relevant, engaging social media content.

6. Teva reveal how you can garner real, business-wide buy-in to bring about real change, improve internal processes and embed support for social media strategies across the organisation.

7. Roche, Gedeon Richter, Pfizer and Zoetis share the latest profitable opportunities for social media success! Keep up with the latest technological opportunities to innovate your social media strategies – within the regulatory framework!

8. MSD, Gedeon Richter and Pfizer share dedicated social media platform snapshots covering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Hear innovative ways of exploiting new features and capabilities.

9. GSK and Merck reveal how you can stand-out from the crowd with impactful, engaging and compliant multi-channel social media strategies which meet your objectives and boost results

10. Merck, Celesio, Gedeon Richter, Takeda and Roche host informal peer-to-peer debates on monitoring and KPIs; reputation building; paid social media; corporate perspective and recruitment.

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