Tumor Models 2018

10th - 11th May 2018, Singapore

This year’s event is bringing together industry and academic leaders from the preclinical and translational oncology community all over the World. Succeed in producing more predictive and clinically relevant preclinical research when developing your Immuno-Oncology therapies.

We are witnessing the renaissance of the concept of immune-mediated cancer therapy, and the demand for predictive and robust preclinical models to minimize translational failures in immuno-oncology is at an all-time high. The need for leveraging phenotypic features of models and stimulating the response of immune system adds to the complexity of preclinical models and their applications

The BioTech Pharma Summit: Tumor Models 2018 is designed to feature and discuss cutting-edge complex immunocompetent models for cancer immunotherapy research as well as to present case studies of their successful applications. Check out advanced therapies through in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo models. All these and much more leading experts will discuss during two days of the summit.

More details at: https://biotechpharmasummit.com/index.php/event/tumor-models-2018/

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