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Oct 26th
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Building Biotech Technology Transfer Opportunities

Technology transfer, particularly of new biotechnologies that offer novel means to address unmet medical needs, can effectively address many R&D challenges. They also provide technology developers with a way of monetizing inventions. This report analyzes how to avoid pitfalls in the management of biotech tech transfer projects and uses detailed case studies to illustrate best practices. rbhc0257

After a decline in 2008 to 53 deals from 74 deals in 2007, biotech technology transfer volume for human medicines spiked in 2009 to 121 deals.

More than half of biotech tech transfer deals fail. However, some firms experience very low failure rates of less than 10% while others report very high failure rates in excess of 70%. Many biotech tech transfer failures can be traced to an inability on the part of the sponsor to adequately perform initial due diligence

Over the next five years, the role of biotechnology in drug development is expected to expand strongly as biotech drug sales rise by 17.7% per year while small molecule drug sales grow by just 2.9% annually. However, the very high prior rate of biotech tech transfer deal value growth is expected to decline from 27.1% per year to 18.5% per year.

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