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Jul 27th
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Looking for OTC medications against vaginal infections

Farmavita.Net member is looking for OTC medicatios against vaginal infections. Product should be approved in EU and have up-to-date CTD Dossier. Licensee will also close exclusive supply agreement with licensor.

Examples of suitable products are monoproducts or combinations of fluconazole, itraconacole, clindamycine pessaries and cream, as well as smiilar products.  

In-license teritory is south-east Europe. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.
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Dr. V. R. Bapat  - Seeking Strategic Partnership for global marketing   |2011-03-28 15:58:58
avatar I am an innovator of evidence based Herbal Products. I have developed a product
WH-1 for vaginitis (White Discharge) caused by different pathogens in women. I
have conducted two clinical trials in two medical colleges in Bangalore and
established the safety and efficacy of the product. Toxicity studies as per
OECD guidelines are also done. The product is now ready for commercial use. I
have brand registration and protection of Trade Mark.
WH-1 has distinct
advantage over the present standard drugs since it has universal use in
bacterial, fungal as well as trichomonal vaginitis. The present day treatment
needs different medicines for each of these infections. WH-1 can be used in
pregnant ladies as well. In a clinical trial done in St. John
Joao Pedro Amaral  - Dr.   |2012-11-19 22:51:51
We have what you need.
We have a state of the art dossier, in eCTD with
Portuguese MA authorization from last year. We preferably perform Licensing +

Clotrimazol, 10 mg/g, Vaginal cream (generic application form
Bayer's Canesten)
Dr. V. R. Bapat  - Novel Herbal Meeicine for White discharge in Women   |2012-11-20 09:42:41
avatar Thank you for your posting. Sorry, the content is not clear to me. I am looking
for out-licensing opportunity. You have written about Clotrimazole vaginal

Can you be more specific?

Vishnu BapaT
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