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Oct 31st
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Strategies for Managing Pharmaceutical Workforce and Site Reductions: Analysis of legal, productivity, and quality control issues

This report examines the different strategies available for managing the layoffs and site closures resulting from not only the outsourcing of R&D and manufacturing, but also the transition from small-molecules to biologics and the need to exploit new markets. Case studies from the pharmaceutical industry are provided to highlight pitfalls and illustrate best practice.

The projected growth from 2008-2018 for US pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing employment lags behind the projected employment growth for all US industries, at 6% versus 11% respectively, due to generic competition and drug production moving overseas.

The timing of workforce reduction announcements can be crucial to the reception both within the workforce and in the wider community. In some cases, poorly chosen timing has significantly complicated the layoff process and has generated considerable bad press.

OECD synthetic indicators measure the strictness of overall employment protection against dismissals of part- and full-time employees and restrictions on temporary hires, and are low for the US, Canada, and the UK; intermediate for Ireland, Japan, and Hungary; and high for Germany, China, India, and France.


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